Training courses and exams for Aircraft Maintenance License (LMA) B1.1, B2 and B1.2

The Aircraft Maintenance License will enable you to enter the world of aviation, knowing the different techniques and practices that will allow you to develop and supervise the tasks corresponding to the adjustment and maintenance and testing of turbine and piston engine aircraft. By choosing the B2 avionics course, you will learn the knowledge required for the operation, repair and testing of aircraft electronic systems.

The information provided through our courses is essential to obtain an aeronautical maintenance license according to EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) . Once you havepaid for our training, you will receive the necessary material for your study and preparation. We offer you complete flexibility in your training thanks to our virtual study mode, with recorded online classes and streaming videos available on our platform.

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Key information

Schedules: Personalized Study at your own pace!
Course duration: Consult
Language: English (course and exam)
Mode of study: Virtual
Costs: Self-financing in 3 installments or bank financing.
If you recommend someone you will get a 5% discount. This benefit is cumulative, the more people you refer, the more discount you will get!

Information about the course and its modality

The training and examination program offered by 360 Aviation Life consists of:

The training is completely virtual, through classes with an online teacher and streaming videos available on our online platform. Students will have full access to our study campus, where they will be able to find official textbooks, summaries of each subject and a question bank for their exercise. (bench questions will never be possible exam questions).


Our courses are 100% in English. This includes the entire course and examination to obtain the Aircraft Maintenance License.

Requirements to obtain the LMA

In order to obtain an aircraft maintenance license it is necessary to meet certain basic and knowledge requirements, and thus become an aeronautical maintenance technician.  The basic requirements depend on previous training in aviation courses:

On the other hand, the knowledge requirements vary according to the Aeronautical Maintenance License to be obtained, since each one has its own modules. However, the requirement to pass 75% of the course syllabus will be exclusive. 

The courses

At 360 Aviation Life we know how difficult it can be to keep up with the pace of the course, especially when work and family require most of our time. That is why we have developed our courses for people who wish to train and obtain an Aeronautical Maintenance License.

For this reason we offer a free and personalized modality, which allows you to study at your own pace, having the possibility of studying at any time. The only thing you will have to do once you have completed the course is to sign up to take the exam.

We provide exam dates every four months so that you can study and finish your studies calmly and prepare for the exam.

Remember that paying for the 360 Aviation Life courses gives you two chances to take the exam!


Types of Aircraft Maintenance License we offer Aviation 360 life

LMA category B1: It allows to develop in maintenance and repair work. This type of aircraft maintenance license also enables the issuance of certificates of release to service after repairs have been carried out. For this category there are different licenses that vary depending on the aircraft:

LMA category B2: Allows to perform maintenance work on electrical and avionics systems of aircraft, both small and large.

Program of subjects

In order to successfully obtain the Aircraft Maintenance License you must pass the course syllabus corresponding to the chosen course. The basic training for the courses consists of a series of learning content modules.

Aircraft Maintenance License B1.1, B2 and B1.2 course fees

Course fees can be per module pack or there is also the possibility of paying for each module individually.

Pack of modules:


If you recommend someone you will get a 5% discount. This benefit is cumulative, the more people you refer, the more discount you will get!

Examinations: date and modality

Location Barcelona: 

From 15/06/2023 to 24/06/2023 

Location Lisboa: In two sessions module

1st part: from 05/30/23 to 06/06/23.

2nd part: from 07/25/23 to 07/29/23.

The exams are face-to-face and will be conducted in English .

In 360 Aviation Life, two exams are included in the price paid for the course, in case the student fails one of them, he/she will have a second opportunity totally free of charge.