Aircraft Maintenance License B1&B2

An aviation maintenance professional must obtain the B1 and B2 licenses which, according to EASA regulations, are required to maintain the airworthiness of an aircraft and ensure that it can operate safely, and 360 Aviation Life offers exam preparation to get you one step closer to obtaining them.

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The basic training for both licenses will require the learning of the following modules or subjects:

Modules common to all subcategories:

Specific modules subcategory B1.1 Turbine aircraft

Specific modules subcategory B2

Privileges of an AML PART 66

A Category B1 license:

A B2 category license:

What 360 Aviation Life offers

We understand that a professional in this sector must make efficient use of time and distribute it between work, family, and other activities, therefore our learning system focuses on the student to adapt to their own schedule, and we provide books and study materials in English, pre-recorded classes of each module, test exams to reinforce the knowledge learned, and reviews of each module prior to the completion of the exams, with a teacher in person, to reinforce knowledge and resolve doubts.

In addition, we offer our clients different payment methods and facilities, taking into account that prior to the examination the payments must be completed in order to receive the examination authorization.


By obtaining a B1&B2 license you will be an outstanding professional and able to work in the different areas of aeronautics throughout the European continent, including Asia and Oceania, as well as other countries where a company requires it. Remember that you will have the opportunity to travel and increase your employability, improving your income and being able to meet the high demand required by the aeronautical sector.

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Do not forget to consult with our team to resolve all your concerns regarding the option of greatest interest in this preparation.